Items We Found Useful for Backpacking with an Infant



  1. Ergo carrier. We like to use front carrier because it is the most comforting way for a baby to be carried. Our daughter sleeps very well while being carried in it. I believe that it’s a combination of closeness, familiar smell, heartbeat sound and rocking motion. It worked really well for us and we are going to use it until she is too big and heavy for it. Plus it allowed us to carry our regular backpacks.

  2. InReach Explorer from Garmin. Staying safe and being prepared for emergency situation in the wild is one of the most important things to us. This satellite communicator not only allows rescue but also has texting options where you could message and receive messages from family or friends. It sure gives us a peace of mind having it with us.

  3. Therm-a-rest Z Lite Sol Pad. We use this pad for our daughter and put it between our pads. It provides a nice sturdy surface for her bed.

  4. Patagonia Hi Loft Down Sweater Bunting. This down suit is lightweight and warm. We use it as a piece of clothing and also as her sleeping bag during the night.

  5. Patagonia Capilene Midweight Set. Because our baby is being carried close to the body, we found that it was important to have quick drying layers for her especially on hot summer days.

  6. Patagonia Baby Reversible Synchilla Hat. We love this hat because it is warm and it stays on well when she is moving her head a lot.

  7. gDiapers. These diapers with biodegradable liners worked very well for us and saved us from carrying extra weight. We learned that dirty diapers weigh a lot especially in you are backpacking for a few days. 

  8. KidCo pop-up baby tent. This little pop-up tent was a lifesaver and worked very well until our daughter started moving and crawling. It provided her with a familiar place to be, and a protection from the sun, wind and bugs. We used it for naps, changing diapers, and just a place for her to be while we are taking care of setting up the camp or cooking.

  9. Playtex bottles with liners. We started with different baby bottles that had many parts and it was time consuming to clean them while backpacking. When we started using bottles with liners it made our life much easier and saved us time. The only part that needs to be cleaned are bottle nipples. We rinse them and throw them in boiling water for a minute to sterilise.

  10. Water filtration System. Water safety is one of the biggest concerns. We use Platypus GravityWorks Filter System and after that we also use a Hydro Photon SteriPEN Ultra.

  11. Jetboil MiniMo Stove. A good stove for us is very important because we use it to sterilize baby bottles in boiling water, and also to heat water to make warm bottles. We prefer this stove because it is fast, easy to use, safer to use around kids. This pot attaches to the stove concealing the flame and preventing spills, and there is a cover around the pot that protects against burning a wandering hand. The MiniMo also has a wider pot that can fit more bottle nipples in it as opposed to the narrower original Jetboil pot.

  12. EZ Towels. We often use compressed towels instead of baby wipes. They are lightweight, biodegradable, don’t freeze in cold temperatures, and you can make them warm by rehydrating in hot water.

  13. Sea to Summit Microfiber Towel. We cut it up in several parts and use it as a burp cloths. It absorbs well and dries quickly.

  14. Sun Hat. This hat came with us on many trips. It is very important to protect little ones from the sun. We always made sure that she is not exposed to the sun because sunscreen is not recommended for babies until 6 months. 

  15. Umbrella. Sometimes we also pack with us a lightweight umbrella for additional rain and sun protection for Zoey.

  16. Life Jacket. I will include this item for those that paddle around on rivers and lakes. We own pack rafts so we did some chill water adventures with our daughter. We wanted an inexpensive life jacket because babies grow so fast but we also wanted it to be comfortable and to do the job. We actually used this little life jacket on several adventures, and our daughter was pretty content and comfortable in it. 

  17. Rain/mud suit. This inexpensive suit works great keeping our daughter from getting wet or muddy. We used it in the rain, in the pack raft when the water is splashing while paddling, and to let her play and explore even when it's a little muddy and wet.

  18. Thermometer and Baby Tylenol. I have this very basic small thermometer that comes with me on all our adventures. It is very important to be prepared for everything including a sick baby. Luckily, our daughter never got sick during our adventures so far but I used the thermometer several times to make sure that she didn't have a fever when she seemed too hot or distressed to me. 

  19. Booties and socks that stay on. When we hike her legs and feet are often exposed and swinging. We lost few pairs of socks while hiking. We used these soft booties until Zoey was actively walking, and I love high socks because they stay on so well. 

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Nataliya Moon